Vaal Metallurgical Laboratory (Pty) Ltd



Vaal Metallurgiese Laboratoriums (Pty) Ltd is a SANAS accredited commercial testing laboratory that is situated in Vereeniging in the Vaal Triangle and provides a mechanical testing and metallurgical support service to engineering and fabrication industries.


The company performs tensile, impact, bend and hardness testing.Macro and microscopic examination is also performed. Chemical analysis of iron, copper and alluminium base metals, inter granular corrosion resistance testing, ferrite measurement, and failure analyses are also performed.On site chemical analysis of ferrous materials and hardness testing is also available. PMI (Positive Material Identification) is done with an XRF hand held analyser, in the laboratory or on site at the customer’s premises.


The company was established in 1988 in cooperation with the metallurgical engineering department of the Vaal Triangle branch of PU for CHE and is at present privately owned.


The premises and building on which the business is operating is owned by VML and the factory area comprises 580 m2 of which 400 m2 is covered. 200 m2 is used to prepare test samples, 100 m2 is used for the laboratory and another 100 m2 is used for offices and ablution facilities.


Some of the employees that are involved in the sample preparation and testing have all been working with VML for more than 10 years and are all experienced and well trained.New personnel have been appointed to manage the growing work load.


A wide spectrum of customers makes use of the services rendered by VML. These include large manufacturers of pressure vessels and petroleum related products that make use of VML to have welding and weld-repair procedures qualified. A number of foundries send their test bars for testing at VML. There are also a large number of general engineering companies that sent various products for testing, identification or certification. Local steel merchants make use of VML to have steel tested to be certified, re-certified or upgraded. A number of third party inspection authorities send materials for testing and act as third party inspection authorities for many of the regular customers. The above include both customers from all over South Africa as well as customers as far afield as Mozambique and Angola. VML also specialize in failure analyses and material selection and/or identification. A variety of customers have contacted VML in the past with various requests with regard to failure analyses and special investigations that were successfully resolved.


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